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One Person Can Make A Difference

Thank you to Boxerwood volunteer Annette Green (right, pictured with Ginny Johnson) for her completed special year of service as our first COREworks Ambassador. The goal of COREworks is not only to fund local carbon sequestration projects, but also generate conversations about the responsibility we all share to care for the earth. Annette brought this intention to life by providing COREWorks presentations to an astounding 18 civic groups, engaging over 250 people in climate conversations. Religious groups, garden clubs, Ruritans, and more – even house parties: she did it all!

To watch a recording of one of Annette's presentations, click HERE. After some discussion of carbon emissions, her presentation begins about 18 minutes after the video begins.

Feeling called to be our next Ambassador and/or host a talk for your group? Contact COREworks coordinator Ginny Johnson at


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