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  • Emily Kohl

COREworks Connections

The goal of COREworks is to accelerate the roll-out of local, earth care projects. Part of the strategy is bringing more people into climate conversations, a first step toward action. This month we’ve made COREworks connections with a dozen student leaders at W&L, a roomful of attenders at VMI’s Environment Virginia conference, hundreds of readers of the local paper, and one talented young woman, Bri Mondesir, W&L ‘22 who created this 3 min. COREworks explainer for her environmental studies class.

“Working with COREworks this semester reinforced my dedication to be an engaged, environmental citizen,” said the Connecticut native. “The COREworks mission and values showcased to me that my aware, intentional actions can be enough to further environmental progress. While this video did not directly reduce carbon emissions, I hope that it will inspire someone else to reduce and offset their own emissions.”


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