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COREworks Composting Collaboration

An important part of the COREworks model is engaging a diverse and plentiful group of people in climate conversations, action, and education. Over the past school year, this has included working with Washington and Lee Environmental Studies capstone student Belen Mio Delgado '23 to develop the latest COREworks project pathway: composting.

With guidance from COREworks Coordinator Ginny Johnson, Belen researched how other carbon offset marketplaces quantify the emissions prevented by composting projects and consolidated her research into a cohesive methodology that both follows industry standards and is right-sized for our local level. After the research phase, Belen assisted with the rollout of the first COREworks-funded compost project hosted at Natural Bridge Elementary School. Belen presented her work to her professors and peers at the W&L Science, Society, and the Arts conference. When asked to describe her experiences and what she enjoyed most, here's what Belen had to say:

"I worked to develop a COREworks methodology and project application to calculate the emission reductions associated with their composting project at Natural Bridge Elementary School. I also worked with Boxerwood educator Ginny Johnson to co-lead an afterschool program to teach students at Natural Bridge Elementary about the composting process and how to use their school’s composting system. I enjoyed learning about and directly working with carbon offset markets throughout this process, especially since I had no previous experience with the topic beforehand. I loved that I was able to work with children to establish compost and environmental stewardship as part of their daily school routine. Overall, I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to work on a project that has and will continue to make a tangible difference in the Rockbridge community for years to come." Offsets generated by this project will soon be available on the COREworks marketplace following verification by a community panel.

Belen Mio Delgado presenting her work at the Science, Society, and the Arts conference


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