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Our Invention


COREworks is a grassroots initiative for accelerating earth care at the local level. Its innovative feature is an educational and economic tool, the COREworks marketplace.

The marketplace draws inspiration from multinational exchanges that sell greenhouse gas (GHG) offsets to customers unable to reduce their own emissions from GHG-intensive activities like travel. Redesigned as a net positive enterprise, our home-grown version helps people manage their impact in ways that also benefit Rockbridge County.


Like the big exchanges, the COREworks marketplace maintains an inventory of up-and-running earth care projects. Among other attributes, these Rockbridge-only projects generate quantifiable emission-reduction offsets, verified as metric tons of carbon emissions equivalent (MTCO2eq) prevented or sequestered.

Whereas commercial exchanges sell their MTCO2eq offsets as commodities, COREworks is part of a non-profit and secures revenue in a simpler way. It lists already operating projects on its website then solicits individual and corporate donations equivalent to the value of the generated offsets.


COREworks directs these tax-deductible donations to the COREworks Fund, which in turn provides capital for launching the next COREworks project, thus perpetuating the good work. This pay-it-forward approach is common in the big markets, but distinctive is COREworks’ depth of reinvestment:  100% of proceeds directly fund new projects, with support for COREworks administration secured from other resources.


The innovation does not end there. A healthy future also depends on broad-based civic understanding, skill, and support. COREworks therefore integrates community engagement throughout its operations.  The goal is to bring along as many kinds of people as we can in our earth-care endeavors. These “green for all” values  are not only just, but practical. When it comes to a thriving Earth, we’re all in this together. 

Our inclusive vision guides decisions about every aspect of COREworks operations from project selection and implementation to the shape and content of outreach and marketing. A unique aspect of COREworks, this participatory element is a key strategy for creating the vibrant world we all want.

In Sum

The beauty of the COREworks invention is the way its economic and educational levers work together to advance a thriving world for all  — the COREworks way.

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