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Live Lightly


Generate Good

Offset your carbon emissions by donating to COREworks and accelerate earth care in Rockbridge County, Virginia.

Family Tree Planting.jpeg


Accelerate Earth Care

COREworks is a community tool for increasing on-the-ground green action. Our initiative vets and funds local projects that restore soil, protect water, and reduce carbon emissions. We sustain and grow this vital work by operating an innovative, home-grown carbon offset marketplace. Manage your own carbon footprint while also generating bounty for Rockbridge County.


Reduce Emissions

When it’s not possible to zero-out a fossil-fuel activity like travel, consider offsetting the rest. Our marketplace lists projects actively generating high-quality greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions. Quantified as metric tons carbon dioxide (MTCO2eq), these verified offsets are ready for personal or business allocation. Make a ton-for-ton donation to reduce your carbon footprint or support COREworks more generally. Either way it’s a win since all COREworks projects feature additional ecological and social benefits.

RCHS planting trees.jpeg
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Benefit Rockbridge

When you donate to COREworks you’re doing more than righting a wrong: you are helping our community thrive. All our earth care projects include additional features that advance a more just, involved, and informed citizenry, bedrock of our collective well-being. Equally important, we built momentum into the model. As a matter of principle, COREworks directs 100% of your donation toward launching the next earth care project, thus perpetuating all these benefits. That’s win-win.

Three Ways to Take Action


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